You will Use all of your knowledge from the intro to fused glass class and any other classes you have had the pleasure to take! Your objective is to make a medium size 8” x 8” functional dish. Beautiful, and perfect for a premier spot on a mantle or just about anywhere in the house! 3 hour course: 2- 10 people allowed per private class in my private glass studio. Bottled water, ice, and cups provided. BYOB & mixers. I will make your cocktails and teach you about glass! 🤩 This is a 3 hour course. Please wear close toed shoes, jeans and long sleeve shirts! We will be working with new grinding and glass cutting tools!!! This is a COLD-WORKING course. You will NOT be dealing with heat or the kiln!!! Please call or text to book a class time and date: Available Anytime Monday- Saturday: 713.628.0780

2nd level Glass class: (3 hour course 8” x 8” dish)