This is a level 2 course. You must take intro to drawing before taking this course! Have you ever been interested in printmaking? Let me show you how much fun and how easily it can be done in your own space! In this introduction course you will be taught how to carve your own linoleum block and print on specialized paper. The carving can also be used to print on t-shirts, totes, materials, and just about any surface you can imagine! 
I will help you throughout the rendering and carving process.
Inks & carving tools will be provided for this course however the linoleum blocks must be purchased. You will be allowed to work in 8" x 10" or larger sizes for your first carving. Just remember, the larger the block, the more difficult and time consuming the process will be!
This is a 3 hour course consisting of at least 4 days of working!

Introduction to Printmaking


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