Private class ( max of 6 people if you want to have a fun friend night and all learn the basics of drawing!) that involves Positive criticism about your art, and personal guidance to helps motivate you to have intention and purpose in all work that YOU create! I will be teaching introduction to drawing level 1. We will learn how to draw a still life, and a personal portrait! This is perfect for a beginning course! No pressure just positive affirmations and happy accidents 🤩🤗 These courses will consist of 3 hours each class and will consist of 3 sessions (whatever options work for your schedule, this is $75 per class = $225 total for class) before completion! In this intro class, you will learn the basics of drawing skills and techniques. How to use graphite to get desired effects, how to deconstruct the images into overly simplistic shapes and then magically add DETAILS to make the work look realistic!! This class can be paid in installments and there is no time limit on completion! You can take as many of these classes as you wish to take. The more practice, the better you become!

Intro to Pencil Drawing:LEVEL 1 class (3 classes total)


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