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Private Class Pricing:

$250 for 4 hours. Additional hours: $75 per hour.

Available: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

With your specialty course, you will have to come back for the resin pour after your work is dry & mounted on the canvas. This only applies if you want to use resin on your final work of art.


•Bring 8-12 thumbnail sketches of the 2 artworks you intend on creating.

* Include color choices or color schemes for each work & each variation

*Discuss the inspiration behind creating each piece in 1 or more paragraphs. Also include your influences and why!

You will be using Arches -hot press- specialty paper allowing for more detail, depth, & color saturation. Or if you choose, you can use canvas to work on directly. All paper & Canvas will be supplied.

Mediums you will have the opportunity to work with:


*India ink

*water based oil paint

*acrylic ink




*specialty pens

*water color

*color pencil

*pen & ink


*spray paint


Finally, write down any & all questions you may have for me!

Private, 1 on 1, 4 hour painting workshop

  • All supplies are included in this course. Max canvas size: 20” x 24”

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