The Hive

Creation and deconstruction abound in The Hive.

The Hive series consists of 25 works on paper and 5 fused glass wall sculptures; each individual piece measuring 11 inches by 11 inches. The overall instillation of the series measures 72 inches by 72 inches. Processing through submersion and introspection, I have created rationalizations of my life experiences, the effects of the state of the world, moments from childhood, familial influence, loss, triumph and tragedy as they coalesce in this instillation. The process, on many levels, has become spiritually expressive through meditative mark making. The sense of regiment of space and containment harkens back to growing up in a patriarchal family. The core dictated and directed the appropriate actions, solutions, and decision-making processes. The “do it right the first time” mentality with incredibly strong work-ethic was instilled, imbedded, repeated, and repeated again into my psyche. Growing up as a female in this environment, over time, became more of a positive attribute than one might expect. I was forced to be driven and systematic in my actions. I was informally pressured in all aspects of achievement. This subversive internalization of pressure is articulated visually in “The Hive” and is ultimately about discovering my essence and removing all layers of frustration, projection, humiliation, depression, and guilt.

Each visual element represents an issue that has been individually de-constructed. This release of anxieties exists through introspection and contemplation. The cross marks represent the masculine side of the self: aggressive and more architectural with a rigidity of structure. The circles become a more feminine representation: birth, water that cleanses, cells of living structures. The color choices stem from emotion both before, during, and after the creation process. Gently poured areas that play in and out of transparency become the ultimate feminine representation; flowing, organic, soft with a refined and supple surface. The gestural expressive marks become one with body movement with both feminine and masculine tendencies. I have the physical strength to manipulate what I am using as well as the emotional strength to carry the process further. The idea that the central core of life is in this essence, this inner contemplation of self and the energy that is expressed in The Hive is deeply introspective and spiritual to the core. The work becomes about the energy of emotion. When I work, I feel a deeper connection within. It is meditative and cathartic. I feel closer to my true essence as I peel the layers of masks away to reveal a core of love, devotion, loyalty and true happiness.


The Hive install is currently a work in progress. Final images will be shown upon completion. I am also simultaneously creating 6 - 48"x 48" works.  This series is all encompasing and the main body of my thesis for my MFA at Houston Baptist University.


 All current completed works are available for purchase with the contingency that I will be allowed to display the work for my thesis show in May 2019!

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