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Theories of Adoration and Adornment

Every movement matters. Every mark, every whisper, every breath is an opportunity we are given to grow, learn, and ultimately appreciate. Watching my grandmother slowly wither away was the most profoud and difficult experience I have ever known in my life. It changed my perspective on what I considered living, and made me deeply grateful for the moments that we shared during those final months. 

Every moment of our life has relevance, even though these moments are often taken for granted. Theories of Adoration & Adornment is about elevating the "mundane." I have taken simple abstractions and given them meaning through movement, color theory, and visual patterning. Proving that even the most mundane of actions can be deeply profound and respected for its purpose and intention. I am humanizing these abstractions and then processing them as if they are iconic images or religious relics. It is this dichotomy, between gratitude and sorrow, that I present for you here.

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